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I really enjoyed Assassin’s Creed III, but there’s a few things that really disappointed me. And one of those things was how they killed off Daniel Cross. He had so much potential and I was really hoping to see an awesome fight between Daniel and Desmond. You know, like a fight between Assassins. And instead, Daniel suffer from the Bleeding Effect and runs away. And you chase after him and them kill him. I’m sorry but that’s not cool. Aside from that I really enjoyed the game.

image from madeinmasyaf

Daniel Cross is such a missed opportunity, and it really shows that they really just didn’t care about the modern storyline. Here’s a character who is the dark reflection of Desmond, effectively Desmond’s opposite. Hell, there’s a FULL GAME in these two repeatedly clashing and showing them in opposition to one another. And what do we get with them? They have a couple of brief skirmishes, then their big showdown is Cross pointing a gun at him, then suffering a convenient mental breakdown and running away until he gets casually killed. I let him run around long after I’d dealt with the guards, hoping something would happen my first time through, and nothing. It’s just sad.










I 100% had to Google this joke and I have 300% more respect for Rugrats.

i don’t get it, can someone explain? [i searched their names and still don’t get it]

Mapplethorpe’s photography was usually very evocative and often contained nude subjects. She having people over who are “very conservative” so she is telling someone (I forget who on the show) to put a Norman Rockwell painting because his work is pretty conventionally accepted as important in american history. The people in his paintings were usually white Americans, often working class, and sometimes soldiers. His work was about pulling the country together, patriotism, american exceptionalism, etc. So more appropriate for a conservative visitor than a picture of a naked guy.


Look it came back to me.

This stupid fucking post that combines a 90’s reference with a pretentious art joke that I dared to assume only a few people would like WHICH NOW WILL NEVER DIE BECAUSE IT WAS A RECIPE FOR TUMBLR GOLD ALL ALONG.

And I’m so sorry, I’m reblogging this because holy shit a Robert Mapplethorpe reference in Rugrats

Sorry,but it’s just…shocking how smart a lot of these shows we like as kids really were. We were young and see them with kids eyes, but there were real intelligent fun loving people behind it

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